Qsela Group delivers comprehensive engineering design solutions

Qsela Group has completed the design and engineering support for the installation of a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Launch and recovery system (LARS) on the Marine Vessel Seaway Invincible for Seaway Offshore Limited.

This installation is intended to support subsea cable repairs, post lay inspection & burial (PLIB) runs and installations. In addition the vessel and subsea equipment is reconfigurable to support search and salvage operations in water depths up to 10,000 fsw.

This project required Qsela Group to design a reconfigurable installation platform on the stern of the vessel. After initial surveys of the stern deck it was clear the vessel would require additional under deck stiffening in order to install over 200,000 lbs of ROV and LARS equipment.

The original vessel decks and substructure were modeled in 3D CAD. Design load cases were developed for operations up to sea state 6 in accordance with guidelines from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Structural engineering was performed concurrently with the platform design using classical and finite element methods. When the design satisfied the structural criteria, detailed fabrication drawings were created for manufacturing and installation.

Qsela Group used an iterative design approach to deliver a cost effective, scaleable, engineering design package. The final design met the stringent operational and reconfiguration requirements while providing the ability for upgrades and modifications at a later date if client need arises.

This program required the collaboration of multiple technical disciplines including systems engineering, naval architecture, mechanical design and structural engineering. Qsela Group worked in a coordinated effort with operations, field and manufacturing personnel to complete a successful installation.


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